Playing in the Mile High City, Denver Broncos cornerback Chris Harris Jr. has grown accustomed to the occasional game in frigid temperatures. In a recently-filmed video spot, he headed outdoors for a different reason.

Harris teamed with PETA to film a video of him talking the “Cold Dog Challenge,” in which he headed outside during a cold Colorado night, to get a taste of the life of a dog who has been left outside.

“There’s nothing to do out here except just be cold and miserable,” Harris says during the experience before telling his own canine companions that he would “never do this’ to them.

Cold, lonely, deprived of nourishment and companionship, being left outside, especially in the winter months, isn’t good for the physical or emotional health of dogs. Most people think of their dogs as part of the family, so, as the video urges, man’s best friend belongs inside with the rest of the family.

The PSA during CBS4’s nightly news broadcasts, Monday-Friday between 6-7 pm MT, as well as on Sunday during AutoNation All Access. Click here to donate to PETA’s doghouse project, which builds shelter for dogs that are currently without.