In life, if it’s too good to be true: it usually is. Such is the case for Christian McCaffrey not staying in Colorado and playing for the team his father won two Super Bowls with.

The hype of the McCaffrey/Broncos was the talk of the offseason for the Broncos as fans and media outlets discussed and debated the possibility. As dire as the left tackle situation is for the Broncos, most were okay passing on one to get McCaffrey.

With the eighth pick in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft, the Carolina Panthers selected McCaffrey, making him the second running back taken in the draft.

Trading up to eight overall to get him would  have been too steep of a price to pay for Broncos’ GM John Elway to pay, no matter what the player or that player’s connection to the city/team.

McCaffrey joins Cam Newton and Jonathan Stewart in a backfield that should capitalize on his strengths.

At one point considered a 2nd round talent, McCaffrey was criticized by scouts for being unable to run between the tackles and be a complete three-down running back in the NFL. McCaffrey’s upper body strength was also put in question as he only benched 10 reps at the combine.

However, McCaffrey’s solid Combine performance and versatility impressed teams enough to skyrocket his stock into the top X, and well above the Broncos pick at no. 20.

A 2015 Heisman Trophy finalist, McCaffrey was best known for running the ball, but also earning yards and making electric plays as a receiver and returner.

McCaffrey may have been high on the Broncos’ draft board, so it’ll be interesting to see which direction the Broncos choose to go.