Snow awaited Colorado State’s spring game — the Green and Gold Game — on Saturday morning. But by the time of kickoff, the field was clear and the Rams were ready to rumble.

For Jay Norvell’s team, he positioned the “1s” versus “The World,” making it clear who his starters are likely to be.

And on the fourth play from scrimmage, quarterback Clay Millen looked right and then threw it left to Justus Ross-Simmons who got two great blocks and took the ball 70 yards to the 1. Ross-Simmons took off with his great speed, but he also used patience to allow teammates to catch up and get more blocks downfield. Running back Vann Schield punched it in for the touchdown.

Schield, a 5’11” 200-pound redshirt sophomore back, used his physicality all day. He also scored the second touchdown of the afternoon for the “1s” which was another 1-yard dive.

In the second quarter, Millen uncorked a beautiful ball, with Louis Brown running a go route down the sideline for a touchdown. It was perfect touch on that ball by Millen which went 30 yards in the air. And Schield scored a third touchdown in that first half, too.

The Green “1s” team scored 27 points in the first half to lead 27-24. (Note, the White team started the game leading 21-0.)

And the Green team held onto win 34-24 over the White team on a cold, grey day in Fort Collins.

“Hard to believe spring’s over with already. 15 practices went really fast,” head coach Jay Norvell said after the Green and Gold Game. “Really pleased with how we finished today. I thought guys were focused and sharp.

“I’ve been so pleased with our offensive line,” Norvell continued. “I think we’ve improved there tremendously…We’ve been able to run the ball consistently all spring and it starts there.”

The Rams O-line bruised and battered the defensive front, letting Schield go off on the ground all afternoon long. If Colorado State’s front five can play like that this fall, they’ll certainly be much improved compared to last year.

“Clay [Millen] has shown a lot of progress this spring,” Norvell explained. “I love our tight ends. And I think our defense has progressed.”

Millen played well all afternoon long, notably getting sacked a few times for holding the ball too long, but he connected consistently with Justus Ross-Simmons, Louis Brown and those new tight ends.

“Justus has really gotten mature and he really understands the offense,” Millen said of young receiver Ross-Simmons. “He’s a guy who makes plays…I feel like every time I see man coverage I feel really comfortable throwing that way.”

News and Notes

  • The Grit 5k run before the Green and Gold Game raised over $40,000. Ryan Yoder, a CSU Basketball legend, donated $15,000 of his own money.

  • Tight end Jordan Williams secured a ball on a tough catch in traffic, then turned it upfield for a 15-yard gain and first down.
  • DB Ayden Hector picked off a pass but they ruled QB Brig Hartson down before the throw. Nice play by Hector to jump the route.
  • DL Tyler Quinn sacked Clay Millen on third and 14 to end a drive in the 2nd quarter.
  • LB Justin Sanchez had an unblocked rush up the middle and sacked Millen later in that 2nd quarter.
  • TE Dallin Holker caught a pass outside from Millen and turned it upfield for a 20-yard gain.
  • Vince Brown with a one-handed touchdown as time expired at Canvas Stadium.