One could easily argue that no one has played the cornerback position better than Deion Sanders did during his 14-year, Hall-of-Fame NFL career. That’s why it comes as such extraordinary praise that, at his Monday morning press conference, Coach Prime stated that highly touted sophomore Travis Hunter is better right now than Prime was at that point in his own career.

“He’s better,” CU’s head coach quickly responded, when asked about how he compared to the highest-rated recruit in the modern history of the cornerback position. “Travis [Hunter] is better. Travis is — I never got the opportunity to do what he’s getting to get the opportunity to do . . . But, no, Travis is better than I was, at this age and stage. He may not be as fast, but [with] the intangibilities and who he is, he’s better. He’s a better version of [me], at this stage.”

That’s a fairly surprising sentiment coming from Sanders of all people, not only for Sanders’ remarkable résumé as a cornerback but also because he’s been very confident in his own abilities.

This is the same person who once said, “Water covers two-thirds of the Earth. I cover the rest.”

CU Buffs fans should be drooling with anticipation for Saturday’s spring game after hearing Prime compliment Hunter like that.

Even Travis Hunter was surprised by how complimentary Prime was of him.

“That’s kinda surprising coming from a Hall-of-Famer, but hey, he says I’m better than him, so I’m just gonna keep striving to be my better self and keep trying to get that gold jacket,” the lauded corner said.

Coach Prime also gave Hunter his flowers for being able to immediately step up and deliver a surprise lockdown rep at cornerback, despite spending the entire summer working at wide receiver — in a clip that went viral the past few days.

“Travis [Hunter] is different, man,” Prime continued to gush. “Travis is a different kid, has a different thought process, a different want, a different desire, a different need. Travis is ‘him.’ The young folks got a saying now, ‘I’m him.’ He’s really ‘him.’ I’ve seen him with dysfunction in his life still ball out, I’ve seen him with peace and joy ball out. I mean, Travis is truly consistent on both sides of the ball, and for a kid to not have taken one rep, this spring, at the cornerback position, and go out there and display exactly what we want — that’s who you want. We just looking for four of those. But trust me, there aren’t too many Travis Hunter’s in America. . . I love him. I love him as a human being, as a young man, [and] as a son to his mother. He’s like a son to me. I love him that much.”

Fans of the Colorado Buffaloes will finally get to see Travis Hunter on the gridiron for themselves come Saturday.