Jim Harbaugh has recently emerged as the early favorite for the Denver Broncos’ head coaching vacancy and, according to interim head coach Jerry Rosburg, Broncos Country should be thrilled by that development.

Although Harbaugh has been knocked in the past for his unique personality quirks, Rosburg couldn’t have been any more effusive in his praise for the current head coach of the Michigan Wolverines.

“I’ve known Jim [Harbaugh] since he was a player through my relationship with John [Harbaugh],” Rosburg said. “I watched him as a player, and I admired him so greatly as a player. He was so competitive with just the fire that he has. I think it comes naturally for him because he’s been involved in football his whole life. His father has the same fire in his belly, as does his brother John. That has followed through with his coaching career. You see Jim’s success that he’s had at every level. He started as a lower-level assistant in Oakland and was a grinder. In my view, he humbled himself. You go from a star NFL quarterback, captain comeback, and all the things that it involves, then you go sit in an office in the corner and grind on football until wee hours of the night and you’re paid a low-level dollar. A lot of coaches that come into this league that are former players don’t do that. They just jump up into a position coach role, or even a coordinator role. Jim did everything. He was in the very basics of coaching. Then he jumps in and becomes a college coach at a small school. Then next you know, he’s in the Pac-12, then next thing you know he’s with the 49ers in the Superbowl, and all that. He’s earned all of that. He’s a fabulous football coach and a great personality as well. He’s a brilliant man. When dealing with you all, he is a very interesting man as well. I laugh, quite frankly. I appreciate the way he approaches this task.”

It’s great to hear that Rosburg has such a high opinion of Jim Harbaugh and the path he took to reach his current position. His experience in the NFL, both as a player and a low-level coach, feels valuable, as it could help him relate to a large swath of personnel, across the organization.

It should also be noted though that Coach Rosburg has a personal connection with the Harbaugh family.

“John [Harbaugh] is my best friend and has been for 30-some years,” Coach Rosburg said. “He was there in 1993 when my daughter Megan [Rosburg] was born. Throughout my life, he’s been a very strong influence and strong friend in the deepest sense. [Former collegiate football coach] Jack Harbaugh is—to my children, Jack Harbaugh is ‘Grandpa Jack’. I know the term family gets bounced around a lot, but we are truly family. In fact, that we have a little word that we use. We are the ‘Harburgs’ or the ‘Rosbaughs.’ That’s how close we are. It depends on who is saying it”

With that in mind, it at least seems possible that the Denver Broncos could keep Coach Rosburg around to oversee special teams, if Jim Harbaugh winds up being the man for the job.