With each passing day, the pearl-clutching catalyzed by the mass exodus of talent the Colorado Buffaloes saw two weeks ago seems more and more ridiculous, as Coach Prime managed to land four more coveted recruits this weekend.

Already, the CU Buffs’ depth is looking far more appealing with the additions of Bishop Thomas, a redshirt freshman standout along the defensive line for FSU; Rodrick Ward, a standout defensive back in 2022 for Southern Utah; Jaylen Ellis, who tallied 198 yards on just six receptions during his time at Baylor; and EJ Horton, a track star and wide receiver who posted a 4.3 40-yard dash during his time with Marshall.

The biggest need for the Colorado Buffaloes throughout the offseason has been the defensive line, and with the spring losses of Jalen Sami and Na’im Rodman, among others, their demand for help in the defensive trenches has only been heightened. As a result, Thomas will immediately be a welcome addition to the program who should quickly find a major role.

Thomas barely saw the field during 2022, as it was his redshirt season, but he did appear briefly in two games, notching a single tackle. More impressively, he was named FSU’s Defensive Scout Team Player of the Year.

Now, that’s not the most impressive achievement, but it’s also the pinnacle of accomplishment for a player experiencing their redshirt season. What else do you really want them to do, other than being acknowledged for being a tremendous practice player, when their job is simply to practice?

Rodrick Ward was also very impressive in 2022 for Southern Utah. He finished third on the team in tackles and led the team in both in passes broken up and interceptions.

Ward’s role on the Buffaloes will be interesting to monitor. He is a redshirt senior that will have used up all of his eligibility after 2023, yet it’s hard to envision him winning a starting role, considering just how much high-end talent Colorado already has in its defensive backfield. That said, Ward should immediately be able to contribute to the unit as a versatile, do-anything depth player, who can be moved around like a chess piece.

Finally, we have Jaylen Ellis, who struggled to produce during his time with the Baylor Bears, but will look to finally break out in Boulder with the Colorado Buffaloes.

As was the case with Ward and Colorado’s defensive backs, it’s going to be hard for Ellis to crack the Buffs’ starting rotation. Fortunately, he has a clearly defined role as a downfield burner, and should immediately contribute to the offense in that slot.

On his three receptions last season, he averaged 51.3 yards per reception.

A lot of that is inflated by the small sample, but his longest reception of the season was 57 yards, so we’re not just talking about one big play skewing the sample. Every time he touched the ball last season, Baylor’s offense gained at least 40 yards. That’s some exciting stuff.

That’s a role that EJ Horton can immediately help fill as well, with his rare brand of speed. In 2022, Horton totaled just 186 yards on 12 receptions, but there’s no denying the strain his movement skills can place on an opposing defense.

As more transfers commit, Coach Prime’s roster overhaul should continue to look better and better.