Take it for what it’s worth, but after two weekends of college football, the Colorado Buffaloes stand atop the rest as the best defense in the nation.

No, the Buffaloes haven’t exactly played a murders’ row in Colorado State and Idaho State, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Two years ago, the Buffs gave up 461 yards per game, which was good for 113th in the country. Last year, they improved that number by 44 yards and jumped up to 87th. Even more impressive, in that same span, Colorado improved their points allowed per game from 39 (120th in the country) to 27.5 (71st in the country).

That’s over an 11-point increase. That’s a large number.

While the Buffaloes record didn’t improve much last season, the team was better, especially on defense, and it looks as if they’ve taken another step forward in 2016.

Colorado can only play the teams in front of them, and so far they’ve shown no mercy, winning by a total score of 100-14.

Additionally, they’ve also accumulated 1,175 total yards on offense. That’s good for No. 7 in the FBS and their 50 points per game is tied for 11th.

They’ll receive a healthy dose of reality next Saturday, when they take on the No. 4-ranked Michigan Wolverines, but for now, the Colorado Buffaloes have done everything we could have asked for.