Is your significant other expecting something new and exciting for this year’s Valentine’s Day? Look no further because Dinger, the lovable giant purple dinosaur that serves as of the Colorado Rockies, is here to help you out. The pantless triceratops will make a delivery to your loved one for a fee of $150.

Before you send Dinger, who is a total stranger, to deliver a gift to your loved one, here is a little background on the mascot to put your mind at ease.

Dinger was first discovered when its egg was found underground the construction of Coors Field. Since then, Dinger’s egg has been exhibited at the Denver Museum of Natural History as well as the Museum of Nature & Science. Dinger was hatched on April 16, 1994 at Mile High Stadium and has since supported the Rockies through good times and bad.

For more information about Dinger’s deliverys this Valentines Day, visit the Colorado Rockies website here.