Colorado Rockies’ St. Patrick’s Day posts will leave you green with envy


March 17th serves as a day to pay tribute to the mighty Irish. Now, although this type of tribute can be debatable, it does come in many forms: wearing a green article of clothing that either you or one of your “close” friends owns, slugging back green beer that tastes no better than a normal one or stringing together a series of tweets that consists of professional baseball players with Photoshopped leprechaun-themed apparel. The Colorado Rockies elected the latter.

The Rockies twitter team has continued the day’s festivities with starting #IrishedRockiesNames, claiming more of their players as victim to the art of Photoshop.

Although the Rockies are getting involve with the green craze, they have their hands full in preparing for their spring training game tonight, against the San Francisco Giants at 8:05 p.m. (Note…bring your green hats).

Yet, it is still early on in the day. Many more Rockies players could be caught in the leprechaun cross hairs, so we’ll have to sit back, wait and see who is up next. In that time, enjoy the day of St. Patrick’s and his obvious intentions of turning this into a drinking holiday. But forewarnings, be sure to spell the patron saint of Ireland’s’ day right, or you might have Carlos Gonzalez knocking on your front door.

Feature Image: Colorado Rockies/Twitter