Colorado sports teams honor Dr. King on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

The impact of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is undeniable. Not only has his presence been felt in politics, but in sports and our nation’s history and culture; forever etched into the fabric of America.

On Monday, the holiday that is held in his honor, several Colorado sports teams acknowledged Dr. King’s legacy. Many players did as well, but here are three from major franchises:

Denver Broncos:

Denver Nuggets:

The Nuggets wore commemorative shirts during warm-ups as well, prior to their contest against the Orlando Magic on Monday afternoon.

Colorado Rapids:

For many fans, their favorite athletes are their heroes; but there is a big difference between heroics on the court/field/ice and heroics off of it. For many of those athletes (and millions of others), it is people like Dr. King who are the heroes; paving the way to make it possible for them to live out their dreams.