Hello Colorado Rockies fans.

My name is Drew Creasman and I am beyond thrilled to be taking over the reins of Rockies coverage here at Mile High Sports.

So, what does that mean for you?

First, it means a regular flow of Rox articles and podcasts, three of each per week plus more when newsworthy events require it. We will also be working on some live chats and video content as well.

The goal will be to entertain and inform in equal measure and to keep the topics on the ballclub here in Denver, taking seriously their history, current state, and your fandom.

Nobody who has followed this team for any length of time, let alone their entire existence like some of us, would deny that they can be one of the most frustrating and perplexing professional sports teams to follow in all of existence.

They’ve only been to the postseason five times, carry the third-worst record in MLB history, regularly make head-scratching transactions and release statements that make the fans feel alienated at best.

A promising era from the last half-decade was torpedoed by bad decisions and egos. We’ve seen Nolan Arenado traded to St. Louis and Trevor Story and Jon Gray head out the door as well. And owner Dick Monfort might well be as unpopular as he has ever been, which my friends, is saying something.

This, understandably, has left a lot of people feeling hopeless and defeated.

But it can also lead to a toxic and non-constructive conversation and surface level analysis.

We will aim to rise above all that here. Joking about and mocking the team can be fun for a short time but we will seek to go deeper than that and recognize that despite their history fans are deserving of as in-depth analysis as any other team.

We will break down prospects, pitching philosophies, advanced stats, daily news, and all the extra fun stuff that comes along with a baseball season.

And we will have fun.

Sports are supposed to be fun. The Rockies aren’t likely to win a ton of games this season or next. But young players will grow from unknowns into stars, stars will become truly elite, individual moments and games will stand out among some of the greatest in the history of the franchise, and lifelong memories will be made.

As I enter my 10th season covering this team, I know I can’t make a ton of promises because you simply never know what the future will bring. Especially in baseball.

But I can promise you that this is my passion and few things bring me more joy in life than inspiring or deepening other people’s passions for the game and for your team. 

So I hope you will join me on this new adventure as we create a space for Rockies fans who love baseball first and foremost and can’t get enough.

It’s inning one of game one. Let’s play ball.