Colorado State University is keeping ahead of the curve when it comes to the construction of their brand new state of the art athletic stadium. The school now has a website dedicated to everything that deals with the stadium.

On the website, a viewer can see photos of the construction, who is financing the new state of the art stadium, seating locations and more.

There are many more features that the site provides, check it out at

Additionally, the school revealed information about their reseating plan for the move from Hughes Stadium to the new on-campus stadium in 2017.

The new website offers full information about the reseating process, including per-seat donations required to sit in the best seats on the west side of the stadium. For example, seats between the 15-yard lines will include a per-seat donation of $100, $300 or $500, depending on location. Donations will help fund scholarships for CSU’s nearly 400 student-athletes.

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