Since taking over as the head coach for the Colorado Buffaloes, Coach Prime has faced plenty of scrutiny for his unique way of doing things.

That said, while some fans and some members of the national media might take umbrage with Coach Prime’s tremendous confidence, front-facing personality, or the hyper-aggressive roster teardown he’s overseen, it’s clear the University of Colorado and athletic director Rick George have completely embraced Prime and everything that comes with him.

“We are not the first to do this,” Rick George said in regard to the overhaul of talent Coach Prime has conducted, via Sports Illustrated, at the Pac-12 conference meetings. “Eighteen months ago, there was a lot of criticism in our program because guys were leaving. Around 24 to 25 left in December [2021] right after the season. Similar things have happened at other schools. We are not unique in this.”

George is absolutely correct in that assessment too.

Just last year, Lincoln Riley did something very similar at USC, it just wasn’t quite as extreme because Riley didn’t have to work with a squad that was lucky to go 1-11 the season prior.

“We know that in a coach’s first year, you have a head coach exemption, which is part of NCAA rules,” George continued. “Having conversations with student-athletes after spring ball … ‘Hey, this may not work out. You may not get the playing time you want. We’ll help you go somewhere else.’ That’s what those discussions were about. After everybody’s season, coaches and student-athletes are having those conversations. Yeah, it’s a lot, but we are focused on getting better.”

George also pointed toward those conversations with student-athletes in defense of Coach Prime, arguing that he’s been far more honest and upfront about the nature of this situation than most coaches have been.

“He’s more open and honest about it. I think that’s a good thing,” George says. “I don’t have a problem with that. At the end of the day, he’s doing what he said he would do.”

So far, Coach Prime has kept his word on everything he said he would do, and there’s no reason to think that would change now.

One thing is for certain, these definitely aren’t the same Colorado Buffaloes of old.