On Saturday, fans of the CU Buffs were on top of the world, after watching a thrilling display of the most watched and most important spring game in the program’s history. On Sunday, they were in the dumps.

Montana Lemonious-Craig announced he would be entering the transfer portal and Ju’Juan Johnson announced he would be de-committing from the university.

The loss of Lemonious-Craig especially stung, considering he just turned in an epic performance in the spring game and looked like the CU Buffs’ best first-team receiver. He tallied six receptions for 169 yards, including a 98-yard score, and looked truly unstoppable.

Now, he’s likely transferring because once Xavier Weaver arrives on campus, he could lose his starting job. On Saturday, he proved he could start at many of the nation’s top programs, so deciding he doesn’t want to stick around in Boulder isn’t a huge surprise.

Nonetheless, it’s a tremendous blow to the CU Buffs, who suddenly must add ‘wide receiver’ to their lengthy list of summer needs.

Adding to the pain is also the fact that it appears Lemonious-Craig could be headed to a division rival. Following his announcement, he went on Twitter to change his banner image to Los Angeles’ iconic Kia Forum Arena and his location to Inglewood, California. Both of those locations are close to the University of Southern California campus.

The potential loss of Johnson also hurts the CU Buffs’ talent on the perimeter, as he was projected to be one of the best defensive backs in the 2024 recruiting class. It also makes Colorado’s 2024 class look much less impressive.

Coach Prime had two recruits in his 2024 class that were rated as 4-Stars. In the last two months, one has committed, and the other has been charged in connection to a violent crime.

Now, in his statement, Johnson made it seem like Colorado still has a very good chance of landing him, but the fact he de-committed following his spring game visit is a bad omen.

Everyone expected there would be a lot of roster churn with the CU Buffs this summer, as Coach Prime weeded out the guys he didn’t want and brought in his highly touted transfers. Losing Lemonious-Craig and Johnson wasn’t a part of that plan.