After a roughly one hour and 20 minute rain delay on Monday night in Denver, the Colorado Rockies decided to postpone their game against the Chicago Cubs for the following day at 12:10 p.m., much to the disappointment of big-time Cubs fan Sheri Doniger, who flew in from Illinois for the game.

In addition to coming to Denver to visit a friend, Doniger said she looked forward to experiencing some exciting, much cheaper baseball with her favorite team on the field.

“The series was less expensive than any game at Wrigley, including airfare and hotel,” she said. “Coors Stadium is great place to see a game. We had front row seats in left field.”

After getting to the game early for batting practice and sitting through the rain and lightning for several hours, she decided that the situation wasn’t going to get any better and called it quits.

“When we arrived, we thought [a postponement] was a possibility,” Doniger said. “We made the decision at 7. It was a huge disappointment but it would not have been much fun sitting in the rain. As we [were] driving away, the rain [was] getting heavier. I think we made the right decision.”

The afternoon started out with a hail storm of epic proportions that covered the field with a blanket of white that one might see in, say, December. When Doniger got to the stadium, she witnessed the ground crew still dealing with the repercussions of that.

“Our first thought was seeing the hail on the outfield,” she said. “I have never seen hail going in for a game. We were expecting batting practice, not the grounds crew shoveling hail.”

Unfortunately, Doniger was scheduled to fly back to Chicago the next morning, meaning she would have to miss the full series.

“We were very excited to see quality baseball but, of course we were only here for one team: the Cubs!” Doniger said.