The official start of the fall season is a couple of days away, bringing with it cooler temperatures and the changing of the leaves. Sprinklers and bathing suits will soon give way to rakes and flannels. So long lounging by the pool and hello to hot apple cider and blankets. Now that we’re a few weeks into the college and pro football seasons, a potentially problematic situation could befall an unknowing grill master: the empty propane tank. After a long summer of grilling, the last thing anyone wants is a mid-cook shutoff thanks to the end of a propane tank’s fuel. But who has time to take the tank to the store and drag the new one back out to the backyard? Thanks to Cynch propane delivery, you won’t have to.

Our friends at Cynch are the best in the business when it comes to propane delivery. They’ll head to your house, pick up your used tank, and leave a fresh tank where you need it, including your front porch, doorstep, or driveway. No need to clear your calendar for the drive to the store. No physical labor required. Cynch will deliver a fresh propane tank to fuel your tailgating or backyard entertaining needs. As a new Cynch customer, you can get your first tank exchange delivered for just $10 by using our promo code MILEHIGH at check out. Isn’t delivery more expensive than exchanging it yourself at the store? No. Your first Cynch tank exchange will cost less than half of what you’d pay for an exchange at your local convenience or hardware store. It takes 5 easy steps to have your propane tank(s) delivered right to your door. Go to and:

    1. Enter your zip code.
    2. Order your tanks with promo code MILEHIGH.
    3. Select a delivery date.
    4. Place your used tank(s) outside for exchange.

This is a simple process that you can schedule to work around your life.

Football season is yet another reason to extend grilling season. Perhaps you enjoy taking  your grill to the parking lot of your favorite college or pro football team to grill up some burgers after you’ve defeated every team that challenged your ladder golf skills. Maybe you prefer all of the same festivities in your backyard on game day. Either way, you’ll need propane. Although most people think of grilling when football season is in full swing, there are plenty of other uses as well. What’s better than gathering friends and family around a clean, propane-fueled fire pit? Patio heat lamps are yet another useful tool to add to your backyard arsenal.

If you are interested in doing a number of these activities or you simply want to add a second propane tank to your rotation, Cynch will deliver a fresh tank with no exchange required for just $59.99.

Regardless of if you prefer grilling or chilling with the rest of the guests, there’s a use for propane. The best part of sitting around a fire pit –other than being able to do so with little-to-no planning required– is that you won’t have to chop wood, tend to an uneven fire, and clear out ashes afterwards. Plus, if you run out of propane after an evening with those who matter most, you’re just a few clicks away from getting your next propane tank delivered on your schedule by Cynch.

Our friends at Cynch are the industry leaders in using propane in a variety of ways. Their convenient propane delivery service sets them apart from other competitors in the industry. Create a Cynch account and make future orders even easier to place through their online portal.

Cynch wants to make your next propane delivery hassle-free. Take advantage of some newly-found free time and start preparing your yard for the fall. Go to to get started scheduling your next propane tank delivery with Cynch. Give them a try today using our promo code MILEHIGH. *

*Plus sales tax where applicable. Valid through 9/30/21. Offer valid in Cynch service areas only. Certain restrictions apply. Click here for details.