Day 4 – Monday, August 3

“I think we did great,” Brock Osweiler crowed to the assembled media after leading the Broncos through their first fully padded practice. Peyton Manning and several other veterans were resting this day. The tallest of the Broncos was leading the way. I suppose whenever anybody asks you how you are doing at your job, you should respond, “GREAT!!!” I mean why rip yourself? How did you do as a server at Village Inn today? GREAT!!!! Dude, nobody serves up those pies better than me! It’s great to half a good sense of self. It’s like when you have to take a leak on a crowded highway, you just pull over to the side and feel the wave of sweet relief no matter what the on-lookers may think. FEEL POSITIVE!!!!

Of course, Brock is of the age and generation when everybody gets a trophy and everybody is told they are very,  very special. Manning is from a generation where everything is awful and may never get better. Thanks Pearl Jam. So when Brock is on the border of bubbly enthusiasm about a day when he underthrew, overthrew, got picked and generally didn’t look all that different than the 4th string QB Trevor Siemian, nobody should be surprised.

Manning looked impatient and uncomfortable just sitting around watching. This is a new sort of deal for 18. However, it’s such a smart thing to do, the praise for Kubiak should roll on. Will we actually see this during the season when it matters? Hard to say. Nobody knows better than Kubiak what a rested QB can do in the postseason. He’s seen it up close and personal when he worked with John Elway during two Super Bowl championships. He’s also seen the downside as Elway’s backup. The Broncos are “Back to the Future” with every passing day of camp. It will be a grind it out offense. It will be an offense that not only will Manning be able to run flawlessly, but even self-important 20 somethings will handle without much trouble.

You want a complicated offense? Geez, then don’t huddle and change everything at the line every time while you throw 70 percent of the time. The offense was so complicated last year, we were told that was the reason super rookie Cody Latimer barely got on the field. Listen, you drafted the kid in the second round and Bubba Caldwell gets to play because why? He’s smarter? Huh? That makes no sense at all. However, that’s what we’ve been dealing with. But, you know what, that worked….well…until the playoffs at least.

Brock was average at best on Monday, but, you know, don’t tell him that…..

….oh also get him a trophy.

Day 5 – Tuesday,  August 4

Today is my parents’ 46th wedding anniversary. Whew! That is a long time. My folks are a testament to durability and toughness with a heavy dose of love. They have survived financial hardships and the heartbreaking death of a grandchild. They have shown me what it means to be loyal to each other every day of their lives. Nothing in life should be taken for granted and they have shown what love can do.

That being said, they didn’t get ripped in emails by Tom Brady. Brady via email, speaking to a childhood friend, who’s last name is also Brady, bragged about how much longer he would play than Manning. He also corresponded with a blogger named Beav that the world needed to be perfect for Manning to succeed while he would win no matter what the conditions. Now, the Patriots had just whipped up on the Broncos at home so I suppose you can crow all you want. However, it wasn’t all that long ago where the Patriots were stomped in the MIle High air in the AFC championship game. Does this bother Manning? I’m sure it ticks him off. I’m sure sitting around watching practice sucks too. Manning had to endure that humiliation on Monday, but on Tuesday, in full pads Manning was a Man in Full.

The Broncos were working on Red Zone offense. Manning simply dominated everything he needed to dominate. He toyed with the defense. He went where he wanted when he wanted. This Broncos team is very solid, but Wade Phillips after practice expressed his frustrations that the offense – with three different QB’s – we able to score touchdowns on his D.

Wade sounds just like Hank Hill, so whatever you hear just tack on a “Dammit, Bobby” and you will have Phillips down pat.

“I’m concerned. (Dammit, Bobby.) The other day we only had six defenisve lineman. (Dammit, Bobby.) I think we have some talent there. (Dammit, Bobby.) We have to keep improving and hopefully we’ll have more people out there. (Dammit, Bobby.)

Wade was a touch frustrated by the lack of depth on that particular day of the defensive line, but we all know that they will be fine because superman wears number 58.

In a one-on-one pass rush drill, Von Miller somehow ducked underneath tackle Ryan Harris and went untouched to the QB.  If decapatation is possible in the NFL, Miller would’ve had Rob Stark’s head on a stick.  Miller then ran around the field in celebration and ended up inside the building. Yes, we witnessed a walk-off pseudo-sack celebration of the finest degree. Von should be in a great mood. The info came out that he no longer is part of the drug program at all. The NFL hasn’t allowed the smoking of weed, but they are doing as much as possible to look the other way. That has Von feeling High and Mighty as he knows the ultimate payday is coming. Justin Houston of the Chiefs racked up 22 sacks last year and they backed up the Brinks truck. Last time I checked, the Chiefs suck. What Von is gonna be able to do financially will put a smile on every little Von for generations to come.

The dude is a freak and he has fun proving it.

Ryan Harris’ head must be swimming. He has been a journeyman tackle at best and now has the starting spot in his hands – for now. The fact of the matter is that everybody knows this is a lousy plan. However, at least he’s worked with Kubiak and may be able to pick up on the system. Everybody knows that Gradkowski at center is shaky. Everybody knows that you hate America if you question Ben Garland at left guard, but that is as dicey as Glasnost. This is not a very reliable line with the rookie Tyler Sambraillo anchoring Manning’s blind side at left tackle. But, running and rolling out solves a lot of issues. As week one wraps up, Kubiak has proven to be a tiny bit disingenuous as he promised a rotation especially at right tackle. It was Chris Clark’s job for one day and now it’s Harris’ gig. But with a day off tomorrow, that may all change. We shall see on Thursday if Kubiak keeps his promise. Michael Schofield limped off the field late in the day, so that may mess with things too. The old O-line coach who is new again, Clancy Barone, is a barrel-chested tough dude who will need his broad shoulders for this heavy responsibility.

Oh, also, Tom Brady likes to bitch about the color of his pool cover. Gisele ordered gray and he wanted white.

I’m sure that was important news to the Beav.

Day 6 – Wednesday, August 5

The first day off brought relief to the players and sobering news in my life. My wife and I run a non-profit youth baseball organization. We have had plenty of wins and losses. We’ve had complaints and compliments.  We’ve had joyous celebrations and knock down battles over things big and small. However, we join one of our families in the fight of their lives. Trevor Kling is a sweet 12 year old boy who just loves playing baseball. His parents are blue collar, salt of the earth types. They work hard and do an amazing job providing a tremendous life for their two kids. Trevor had surgery today to remove a tumor.

He has brain cancer. His is a very rare form. It’s only found in about 400 kids or so a year. There are two large scars on the left side of his head that spell out the letter T. This is where doctors performed a nine-hour surgery to remove a baseball-size tumor. He will spend three days in the ICU and then a year of radiation and chemo to see if this brave young boy will survive the scare of a lifetime. Trevor wasn’t the most natural baseball player. He wasn’t the most talented kid on his team. However, he’s one of those quiet work hard types. He’s the kid that you point out to the lazy talented kid and say, “what would happen if you worked as hard as Trevor?” Trevor signed up for our winter training without any promise that he would be on one of our teams. He didn’t care. He came to every practice throughout the fall and winter and as things turned out, there was as spot after all. Trevor played catcher – the toughest of all positions – he didn’t complain, bitch or whine – EVER. He had a constant smile and his dad helped out wherever he could.

We have found in youth sports there are parents we call “chasers”  They constantly think there is something better for their little all-star. They are constantly looking over shoulders to move on for what’s best. Instead of sticking around and making a situation better, they want to jump into an excellent situation so their little guy has the best chance to win. We don’t see it that way. If you want something great in life, than work hard with what you have. Be the solution! Be like Trevor! His dad told me that in these horribly dark days, Trevor lights up the most when he’s around his teammates. The truth is Trevor has taught us all what it’s like to fight and brings joy to us by his tenacious fight. This is gonna be a long battle and I promise you – we aren’t chasing. We are digging our heels in for TK.

Back to Football on Thursday….