Friday, March 23, 2018


Frei: The MacKinnon-for-Hart Trophy talk becoming more legit every day

It has become this simple: If the Avalanche makes the playoffs, pulling off the turnaround of epic proportions after the 48-point nightmare that was 2016-17, MacKinnon is the obvious choice.

Frei: Amid March Madness, a reminder that NHL draft/watch system is better than NBA’s...

The NBA and NCAA would both benefit from adopting a draft and watch system similar to what the NHL employs.

Case Keenum provides a quick fix — one that can’t last

Case Keenum gives the Broncos an array of options for now, but his two-year deal is a double-edged sword.



Worried about the solution under center? Don’t ignore the center, himself

Broncos Country is going crazy about who will be their quarterback in 2018, but who will be snapping the ball to Case Keenum is no guarantee at this point, either.

Let’s Dance: Local hoops sit home… again

Turn in your $10, fill out that bracket and adopt a team, Colorado. Hey, it’s what we do this time of year. But next year? Well, next year could be different.

Bud Black stares down the next Rockies peak

Colorado Rockies manager Bud Black looks to navigate the adversity of the upcoming baseball season. He's primed to rise above his previous benchmarks as manager.

Denver’s stars campaign for Cousins; Elway will need the magic he summoned for Manning

Kirk Cousins will become a free agent in seven days. Denver's holding their collective breath until then.

Frei: Fourteen years ago this week, Steve Moore played his final game for the...

Then it happened. With Todd Bertuzzi stalking Steve Moore coming up the ice, Bertuzzi threw a roundhouse punch from behind to Moore’s head, drove him to the ice near the red line, and kept punching.

In wild West, there’s no need to stress about Nuggets’ playoff chances

Jamal Murray and the Denver Nuggets are one of eight teams with a legitimate shot at claiming six Western Conference playoff spots still up for grabs.

Kirk Cousins: The 2018 version of Jake Plummer

Their style of play is quite different, but Cousins can do for the Broncos what Plummer did: Get them back to the playoffs.

Among Colorado’s four major sports teams, Avalanche find themselves in best shape

When looking at championship contention windows, the Colorado Avalanche may have jumped over the Denver Nuggets, Denver Broncos and Colorado Rockies.

Scottsdale Secret: These Rockies are good (like, no, for real)

They won't brag about it (that wouldn't be very "baseball" of them), but the Colorado Rockies are building something special for 2018.

Vikings pass Broncos in Cousins chase

After clearing out the quarterback room for Kirk Cousins, the Vikings have everything the Broncos do, only better. And it starts with the head coaches.