Friday, October 20, 2017


Exposed: Broncos blues reveal major deficiencies

It was as ugly as ugly gets in Denver, an embarrassing loss made worse by a slew of injuries on top of the insult.

Fun makes a welcome return to the ice at Pepsi Center

The Colorado Avalanche 2017-18 home opener had it all: A big crowd, a great atmosphere, an Avs win and a whole lot of fun.

There’s a disturbance in the AFC West

The era of the Jedi QB is coming to an end in the AFC, and the Broncos have more than a new hope.

Only three games in, Avs appear to be leaps and bounds better

It’s already apparent this Avalanche team is much improved from the one that took the ice a season ago.

The Rise is real(ly in need of a win)

At the risk of hyperbole, Saturday's game against Oregon State is a must-win. If The Rise is real, there's zero margin for error in Corvallis.

Broncos won’t be heartbreakers if they keep runnin’ down a dream

The Broncos went into their bye looking like any number of Tom Petty songs could eventually serve as the soundtrack for the 2017 season.

The Rockies’ season was about far more than its ending

The memories of this Colorado Rockies season will live on long past the sting of the Wild Card loss to Arizona.

Like Rocky, the Rockies lost the game but won our hearts

The story of the 2017 Rockies is complete. It unfortunately has an ending where the good guys lose, but somehow we will love them all the same.

Moment of Truth: The Rockies can show the world they belong

One game. One chance. To show that “Coors Field stats” don’t define a ballplayer. To show that an MVP is an MVP, regardless of where he plays.

The inextricable link between sports and tragedy

Sports and tragedy, as much as we may wish they will always exist apart from one another, are inevitably linked.