The Walter Payton Man of the Year Award is arguably the NFL’s most prestigious honor, as it sets aside the inherent silliness of playing a child’s game for millions of dollars, and instead focuses on the quality of character being presented by the athletes, and this year, Dalton Risner will be honored as a nominee.

The award is earned by the NFL player who has demonstrated the greatest commitment to their community and to philanthropic efforts over the past year. Every year, each franchise gets to nominate one of their rostered players, and this year, the Denver Broncos have chosen to nominate Risner.

The Broncos announced their selection of Risner, by sharing a video of the franchise informing Risner in a surprising fashion.

As a Colorado native, it’s always been apparent that giving back to the community has meant a little something extra to Risner, who continues to pour his time, heart, energy, and money back into his native state.

Risner has already been honored as the Broncos Community Rookie of the Year, back in 2019, and as a Broncos Community Ambassador in 2021. He also won the Broncos Community impact award in 2020. That means, with this latest honor, the Denver Broncos have awarded Dalton Risner for his charitable efforts, in notable ways, in every season of his NFL career so far.

In 2022, Risner’s efforts to give back reached new heights, as he participated in nearly 50 community events. He served as an Athlete Ambassador for A Precious Child, which works to provide underprivileged children with new resources and opportunities. He hosted football and life skills youth camps. He also helped lead a campaign to support families that were affected by 2022’s destructive Marshall Fire. Dalton Risner works as a spokesperson in his role as an Honorary Board Member of Special Olympics Colorado. He’s also on the Board of Directors for Camp Kymel, and has been involved with the charity since his college years, which looks to improve the health of youth cancer patients through summer camp experiences.

And that doesn’t even include Risner’s philanthropic work that he’s done through his own charity, the RisnerUp Foundation, or through the Denver Broncos’ Team Outreach program.

The amount of time Dalton Risner has invested in the community is truly staggering.

Members of Broncos Country can vote for Risner to win the leaguewide award by tweeting #WPMOYChallenge + Risner.