If you went to a Denver Nuggets game last season, you may have heard one fan cheering a little louder than the rest, especially in games Malik Beasley was playing.

“That’s my mom that’s yelling,” Beasley told Sean Walsh and guest host T.J. McBride on Mile High Sports AM 1340 | FM 104.7. “Sometimes you can see my dad, he’s like three seats away because she’s so loud.

“They [have] energy all of the time. That’s where I get it from, I get my energy from them,” Beasley said. “My dad is more chill, you don’t hear him yelling. He’s more focused on me. Making sure I’m focused and into the game and watching me.”

Beasley’s mom, Deena, doesn’t extend her enthusiasm to just her son, either.

“Everybody feels like my mom is their mom,” Malik Beasley said. “She’s like a mentor to a lot of people.”

In fact, Deena actually goes to games and cheers on the Nuggets, whether her son is in the lineup or not.

“I remember when I was in the D-League and she still went to the Nuggets game, it was against like an average team. It wasn’t anybody like a LeBron James or somebody. She went to a regular game to support the Nuggets while I was in the D-League. Just to have her do that was awesome.”

Listen to the full interview with Malik Beasley, including his thoughts on his rookie season, in the podcast below.

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Photo credit: Deena Beasley/Twitter