DeHuff has been unleashed on Mile High Sports

In the ever-changing world of media, podcasts appear to be the one medium with potential as far as the ear could listen. Podcasts have become a staple within media for their open structure, creative freedom and easy accessibility.

After over a decade in the radio business, Scott DeHuff is taking his talents to the podcast world and joining Mile High Sports. DeHuff has migrated his podcast “DeHuff Uncensored” to the Mile High Sports Podcast Network, which is available to stream now.

“DeHuff is one of the most creative people I’ve ever worked with,” Mile High Sports President Nate Lundy said. “Whether it’s his character voices or just Scott being Scott, he has a way of making you laugh, and I’m thrilled to be working with him again.”

DeHuff produces two shows a week and weaves around a medley of topics ranging from sports, artificial intelligence, how to survive disasters, and why kids do dumb things.

We asked DeHuff a few questions to help paint a picture of what listeners can expect from this one-of-a-kind production going forward!

MHS: What in your words is DeHuff Uncensored?

DeHuff: Real opinions about real-life topics. I’m a parent of two kids, 6 & 8, so parenting struggles make their way into almost every episode. Even as I write this, my kids are fighting over stupid stuff. I want the listener to understand that they are not alone in life, we all can relate to each other in some way. So my thoughts and stories will connect with you in some fashion. Also, 18 plus years in sports media has given me a rare glimpse of media and the sports worlds… the good, bad and the ugly. I have a good story for almost any topic and apparently, I love to talk… and say stupid things.

MHS: Why did you decide to go the podcast route?

DeHuff: I left radio to focus more time on my family. And with my schedule being flexible now, I have enough time to let my true opinions about the world, be unleashed. I have a twisted sense of humor that was constantly being censored, and now it can be revealed. The podcast is the best platform to do that.

MHS: What do you like about podcasts compared to other forms of media?

DeHuff: After being in sports talk radio for so long, I get frustrated with the fake opinions about fake topics. Podcasts allow the hosts and the listeners to reveal their truths and not on the fake negative spins that some forms of radio thrive on.

MHS: What can people expect from your show?

DeHuff: Honest and funny opinions. And bad words. Sorry, this isn’t made for children. My kids told me to write that.

MHS: Why did you choose to migrate over to MHS?

DeHuff: I like what MHS stands for. The people. Genuine opinions and amazing staff that I’ve known for years.

MHS: What is the biggest threat to human life as we know it right now?

DeHuff: That’s a great question. I think the easy answer is humans themselves. Because there are so many wack jobs out there. But I would also say Earth is the biggest threat to human life. The planet is going to find a way to heal itself after all of the damage we’ve caused. Also, cats. They’re cute and soft, but they’re mean as hell. I don’t trust them!!

You can catch DeHuff Uncensored wherever you listen to your podcasts or check out the show below!