What will Broncos Country look like if it continues down the road its currently on?

What road is that? The road of basic quarterbacks.

While we’re all hoping for George Paton to cash in his stockpile of draft picks, and land an elite QB – and atop of that list is Aaron Rodgers. We all are hoping that A-Aron decides to part ways with the Packers and the Denver Broncos snag him. In fact, Dan Patrick said, “The Broncos are gearing up to get Aaron Rodgers”.

And while that would be fantastic for the Broncos, what would they actually be getting in Rodgers?

An amazing marksman with the pigskin.
A leader that demands excellence.
A Super Bowl MVP and champion.
A future Hall of Famer.

But, he’s 38.

Let’s not forget that Peyton Manning retired at the age of 39. And we can’t deny that physically his wheels completely fell off. His leadership was there, but he was a shell of his former great self for his final season and a half.

We fall in love with the Tom Brady anomaly of a quarterback playing into their 40’s. But that’s a big gamble.

And yes, if Denver achieves their dream of getting Rodgers, they could possibly be a Super Bowl contender. Yes, I said it!

With receivers like Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy and Tim Patrick, then throw in the beast that is Javonte Williams in the backfield – oh and toss the Denver defense as a cherry on top – they would be a bitch for the AFC West and the rest of the NFL to deal with.

That being said, the safe bet is Aaron Rodgers has about two years left in the tank. Give or take a year.

After that, the Denver Broncos are in the same situation they’re in now – a backup quality QB starting for the legendary franchise.

So are we, Broncos Country, okay with that? A couple of great years, then snap back into quarterback purgatory?

The answer is simple. Hell yes!

The reason being, the Denver Broncos are in the middle of the pack for first round draft picks for 2022. So they may not be able to land a top QB in the draft. Unless, George Paton trades in his draft stockpile for a top pick. But who would they get?

Kenny Pickett?
Matt Corral?
Carson Strong?
Sam Howell?

Nobody jumps off the page as a “must have” type of guy. But, we could all be wrong.

We know Aaron Rodgers is elite.

We know he isn’t happy with the Packers.

And when it comes to selling his brand, he’s on par with Peyton Manning. That has nothing to do with his ability to lead the Denver Broncos on the gridiron, but it is something that may help draw others to want to play with him. Remember, we live in a time where players are just as concerned with their social media abilities as they are with their playing abilities. If they have a teammate that can help boost them on and off the field – seems like a great move to me.

I want the Denver Broncos to be great again and their position that is lacking, is quarterback.

George Paton and the Denver Broncos need to go full force at courting Aaron Rodgers.
I’ll drive to the airport and pick him up!

They get Rodgers, ride his greatness for two or maybe three years, and then aim for the draft.

I’m tired of this basic garbage. It’s time for the Denver Broncos to rise back to greatness, even if it’s only for a short time.