When most players win a Lombardi trophy, they announce to the world their plans to go to Disneyland, but this wasn’t the case for Broncos DeMarcus Ware and Demaryius Thomas, who instead packed their bags and headed to South Africa.

During a press conference on Monday, Ware talked about the life-changing trip that the two dreamt up all season, discussing how the trip and itinerary planning acted as their best distraction on off days.

The teammates gave themselves an ultimatum: Win the Super Bowl and head to Africa or lose and call for refunds on the trip.

“That’s how we looked at it as, if we don’t win this, we’re not going to reap the benefit of planning this whole year,” Ware said, “We’ll plan it another year. That’s how we looked at it.”

The wide receiver and outside linebacker still reminisce about their encounter with baboons, witnessing an intense lion chase, the beautiful Cape Town villas and the impact of the revolutionary Nelson Mandela. But outside of the adventures and beautiful sights, Ware and Thomas left the trip with changed lives.

The Broncos players told Monday Morning Quarterback of their desire to bring awareness to the poverty stricken areas in Africa.

“We realized how privileged we are in what we do,” Ware told MMQB. “When you see how the people lived there, it makes you want to pray that things can be better at that place.”

“It was so beautiful over there,” Thomas said, “but then you go to some parts where you see people who don’t have much, but they are always smiling no matter what.”

The teammates hope to travel back to the country, next time with a goal to offer help to those in need.

Judging by their crazy Instagram pictures and their recollection of stories in the beautiful country, Ware and Thomas definitely enjoyed their well-earned trip. Hopefully they keep planning trips to motivate themselves again this season and take home another Lombardi.