Full disclosure: We’re huge fans of DeMarcus Ware.

What he’s doing through four games this season with the Broncos is unreal.

And not only is he putting up monster numbers, he’s taken on the leadership mantle of one of the most dominating defenses in the NFL. Through his efforts, he has practically every starter on the Broncos defense playing at near Pro Bowl levels.

Not only that, he’s a heck of a great guy with an awesome story to boot.

So we were stoked to see his tweet (below) on Thursday night from Pepsi Center. The Broncos defensive captain was the house to cheer on the Avs.

It’s great to see the local teams supporting each other, but his tweet has us wondering, “Can’t an All-Pro and the leading sack man on the No. 1 defense in the NFL score some first-level seats?”

Sure, that club level is nice. But we know a guy like Ware wants to be in the middle of the action.

Give us a call D-Ware. We’ll hook you up with center ice!