On Thursday, the Denver Broncos released their first injury report of the week, and with a Monday Night Football matchup on the horizon, there are a few interesting things we can take away.


First of all, it’s good to see guys like Trevor Siemian, Kayvon Webster and Justin Simmons as full participants. While they’ve been in and out of the lineup the last few weeks, it’s looking as if the extended break revived them to full, or near-full, health.

Seeing Russell Okung and Cody Latimer as non-participants is a little nerve-racking, but expected. Unfortunately, it’s hard to know whether they’ll be available for Monday’s game; concussions are about as unpredictable an injury as you’ll find.

The spotlight injury is still clearly DeMarcus Ware. It’s been nearly five weeks since he fractured his forearm against the Indianapolis Colts, which puts him right within the three-to-six-week timeline Mike Klis reported back in September.

There were whispers that Ware might push himself to be ready for this week’s game against the Texans, but that’s looking less likely now that he wasn’t able to participate in Thursday’s practice.

“It’s where it should be after four weeks,’’ Ware said, via 9News’ Klis. “I’ll know more after this week but bones take six weeks and you don’t want to go out there and re-break it and be out for the season. I play with this hand. It’s my strong hand. My technique (in pass rushing) is all hands. I’ve got to make sure it’s right.

“But it’s healing up the right way. That plate is holding it in. There’s more movement every day, so I’m excited about that.’’

(Via 9News.com)

According to Gary Kubiak, he expects Ware to get back out on the field later this week, but there’s no reason for the Broncos to push him back. Like Ware said, the last thing they want is for him to re-injure his arm, and with Shane Ray playing so well, there’s no reason to risk it.

Denver needs Ware for December and January, not October and November. He knows that better than anyone.