Denver Broncos wide receiver and avid basketball fan Demaryius Thomas is calling his shot. He says the Denver Nuggets will make the playoffs next year. And Nuggets fans can thank Thomas, in part, for a big reason why.

As the Nuggets pursued former Atlanta Hawk Paul Millsap, Denver brought in the calvary – Thomas included.

Thomas called different parts of Georgia home for most of his life. Now loyal to Denver sports, the Pro Bowl wide receiver was more than happy to answer the call to action. Thomas, along with Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall, helped persuade Millsap that Denver is a place he can thrive.

“[Paul Millsap] was in my city: Atlanta. I got a phone call from a former player who told me to show up and get Paul Millsap, and I took the call and it happened. That day Paul Millsap was here. Everybody knows that Denver is one of the best cities to play sports in,” Thomas explained.

The eighth-year Broncos wide receiver wasn’t shy when it came it the impact he believes Millsap can have on the Nuggets.

“Football players like to watch basketball so it’s great to get that caliber of player here. Hopefully [the Nuggets] will make the playoffs this year. Actually I’m calling it, [the Nuggets] will make the playoffs,” predicted the veteran wideout.

The Nuggets have their work cut out for them in a loaded Western Conference, but with a two-way All-Star like Millsap now on the roster, the NBA playoffs are well within reach for the 2017-18 season.