Demaryius Thomas plays it coy when discussing injured hip


Last season, Denver Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas didn’t quite look like his usual self. Sure, he still posted 1,083 yards and five touchdowns, but those were both his lowest numbers since 2011. As it turns out, he had a hip injury that was bothering him.

“It was tough,” Thomas said Tuesday. “Sometimes I could stop. Sometimes I couldn’t run certain routes that I wanted to run. Sometimes I couldn’t get off the break. It wasn’t [an] excuse. It was going out and trying to help my teammates out and trying not to let it look bad on my part.”

Thomas knows the nature of the injury. He says he never considered surgery. He was pressed by a reporter on the details. The following comical exchange ensued:

Question: Do you know what’s wrong with it?

Demaryius Thomas: Yeah

Q: What’s wrong with it?

DT: Nothing right now.

Q: What was wrong with it?

DT: I forget.

Q: Will it come up again this year?

DT: No, it won’t. We’re going to be on top of it. Do whatever we’ve got to do to be 100.

Q: If you remember?

DT: Yeah.

Thomas is excited to be reunited with offensive coordinator Mike McCoy. In his offense (which Adam Gase ran as well), he had some of the best seasons of his career. He expects big things out of the offense next season.

“The sky’s the limit,” Thomas said. “It’s just going out as a group of guys on the offensive side of the ball and executing. We’ve got playmakers, we’ve got the great coaches to call the plays, we’ve got two quarterbacks that can player, the running backs out of the backfield, the offensive line. It’s just about going out and executing now.”