The Denver Broncos preseason is under way after OTA’s started on April 10. With the competition picking up on the field, the front office and coaches have their plates full, including a perfectly toasted three-cheese grilled cheese sandwich.

I know, that’s a lot of concentrated milk. The meal was courtesy of one of the members of the Broncos twitter team, who took to social media, and exceeded all expectations.

As a ‘journalist’ (editor’s note: he’s an intern), I am supposed to stay neutral and unbiased on all topics. Yet, as I am sure with most Broncos fans, there is joy in seeing Green Bay Packers getting toasted all over the field by the orange and blue, especially on this historic national holiday.

On a more serious note, these photos date back to the Brett Favre-era, and are not relevant to this up and coming 2017 season. The Broncos will square off against the Packers in the third week of the preseason in August, where the cheese heads will look to exact as much revenge as one could in a preseason contest.