Three weeks into the NFL season, the Denver Broncos defense is looking like one of the most special units in the entire NFL, as they’ve held opponents to a measly 12 points per game.

As a result, the players on the roster have bought in entirely.

Following Sunday night’s victory, whoops and hollers of victory could be heard throughout the defensive side of the locker room. Bradley Chubb, Patrick Surtain II, and Justin Simmons each said they believe this version of the Denver Broncos boasts the best defense in the NFL.

“I believe so. 100%,” Surtain said when asked if he thought the Denver Broncos’ defense was the best in the NFL. “These past few weeks, we showed what we’re capable of, you know, once we fly around to the ball and create turnovers, we are very dominant.”

When Simmons was asked what he thought, he quickly responded by enthusiastically calling the defense, “The greatest.”

“I mean, Josey [Jewell] came back and played outstanding,” Simmons said as he continued to gush about his teammates on defense. “Alex [Singleton] played amazing on special teams, along with a few other guys. Obviously Pat (Patrick Surtain II) [was] lock-down. You know Chubb and RG (Randy Gregory) were just out of their minds all day. And I mean, our front stopping the run. You know that’s a great running team. There are just so many good things man like when you just play complimentary football like that. As a defense you know, you never lose faith in the fact that you can win a game.”

That confidence is pouring over to the head coach too, who also had plenty of kind words for the Denver Broncos defense.

Those guys play so well together,” Coach Hackett said on Monday. “They have been in a familiar system together, which is always great. Then there is a couple of new wrinkles that have been thrown in there. I think it’s just great to see them all fit off of each other and communicate and talk, especially when the crowds loud. To be able to get that communication done is huge. Even when [S] Justin Simmons not there, all those guys are working so hard . . . They really played well together. Whenever you look at good defenses, just like the one we faced yesterday with the Niners that have been consistently very good football team, and very, very good defense. You see those guys fit off of each other. Especially, when you’re starting to make calls, pressures, and things like that everybody has to have their gap integrity. I think there were a lot of good instances of that, especially when you’re playing a pretty good run team. Run offenses are always looking to try to get you out of the gap. Those guys really stopped all those gaps. So I thought they did a really good job just playing together.”

The Denver Broncos defense now faces its toughest test of the season so far, as Josh McDaniels, Derek Carr, Davante Adams, Darren Waller and Hunter Renfrow are up next.