The Denver Broncos are the fifth-youngest team in the NFL

Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos keep getting younger and younger.

According to Jimmy Kempski of the PhillyVoice, the Broncos, with an average age of 25.47, are the fifth-youngest team in the NFL, trailing only the Rams, Browns, Packers and Jaguars. That’s a noticeable rise from their 18th-placed ranking (26.19) last season — makes sense when your 39-year-old quarterback walks off into the sunset.

It’s more than just an interesting statistic, though. The Broncos’ youth is both a reason for anxiety and hope.

The anxiety comes from the quarterback position, where the team’s top two options have a grand total of zero attempts in the NFL. The hope comes from the defense, where the league’s best unit is still inching towards their prime.

You’re always in win-now mode when you’re coming off a Super Bowl victory, but the truth is that John Elway has put this team in, as he would say, win-from-now-on mode.

If either Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch develop into capable NFL starters, this team will have a very bright future ahead of them.