There has been more than enough chatter about the loss of Brock Osweiler, Malik Jackson, Danny Trevathan and the potential loss of C.J. Anderson (not to mention the trade for Mark Sanchez), so it’s easy to forget that the Broncos have other free agents that played significant roles on the Super Bowl 50 team and need to be re-signed or replaced.

Denver started the free agency period with more than a dozen unrestricted free agents, and as of Friday had not retained a single one of them. In fact, they had created three more by cutting veterans Aaron Brewer, Louis Vasquez, and Owen Daniels before the free agency period began. And while the bulk of those still available are on offense,

Here’s a quick rundown of the key free agents (based on 2015 snap count) Denver had on the roster in 2015, the latest rumors about them, and our take on whether or not the Broncos should re-sign them.

*Brandon Marshall – ILB
2015 Snap %: 83.49
2015 Cap Hit: $585,000

Overview: *Marshall is a restricted free agent with a second round tender on him, but after leading the team in tackles last year (and this tweet), we are including him as someone who could a flight risk. Marshall was named one of the best coverage linebackers last year by Pro Football Focus.

Rumors: Upon the news of his tender, Trey Wingo said the Dolphins would be interested. Ed Werder says the Bears and Packers could be too. Two of those teams have already stolen Broncos this free agency. Uh oh.

Our Take: This is a fight John Elway cannot lose. He’s getting his butt kicked this year in free agency and Marshall cannot be allowed to get away. He’s far more valuable than a second round pick. Let’s just hope the price tag doesn’t climb too high. We still need a quarterback.

David Bruton – S
2015 Snap %: 43.98
2015 Cap Hit: $1.65 million

Overview: Bruton is the longest-tenured member of the Broncos and a special teams captain since 2013. He was named the team’s Walter Payton Man of the Year in 2015, the same year he proved he can play significant snaps outside special teams.

Rumors: Bruton wants to start. Denver doesn’t really afford him that opportunity. Possible landing spots are still unclear, but John Elway has a big sales pitch to make to keep him.

Our Take: He has two guys ahead of him, but makes the Denver safety corps arguably the best trio in the league. Elway has to convince him that’s worth keeping together (and open up the pocketbook, too).

Antonio Smith – DE
2015 Snap %: 33.12
2015 Cap Hit: $2 million

Overview: With the emergence of Malik Jackson, the veteran Smith played a smaller role than anticipated in 2015. He put major off-field questions behind him and was solid in the locker room, but contributed little between the lines.

Rumors: Smith will be 35 in October, but has said he’d like to return to the Broncos. He’s yet to generate public interest elsewhere.

Our Take: His veteran minimum price tag would be $985,000 in 2016, which might not be a bad investment in the event Vance Walker or Kenny Anunike don’t progress as hoped in place of Jackson.

Shiloh Keo – S
2015 Snap %: 
2015 Cap Hit: $137,647

Overview: Keo was an emergency signing after Denver lost David Bruton for the year and Omar Bolden remained a question mark. He had a few signature plays, but it was clear on many occasions why he was available in-season. His postseason DUI doesn’t help him.

Rumors: The Buffalo News thinks he could be one of many possible options as a depth addition for the Bills, but Keo is making little news elsewhere.

Our Take: Keo was a nice story, with the whole tweet to Wade Phillips thing, but he should only stay on the roster for depth and on special teams at a vet minimum deal.

Omar Bolden – S/PR/KR
2015 Snap %: 4.38 (defense), 33.55 (special teams)
2015 Cap Hit: $777,607

Overview: A promising year for Bolden turned into one plagued by injuries. He was expected to be the No. 1 return man, but couldn’t stay on the field in 2015. He has lots of talent, but has mostly underperformed.

Rumors: Bolden was among the players whose agent Denver was supposed to speak with at the combine. He’s been outspoken about his teammates who are getting paid, so don’t be surprised if Bolden tests the market.

Our Take: Elway has to keep Norwood or Bolden for returns, and he might try to keep both. Norwood would be the better value at this point, as Bolden may be waiting for a big check.

Aaron Brewer – LS
2015 Snap %: 33.55 (special teams)
2015 Cap Hit: $1.4 million

Overview: We include Brewer because a good punt unit can be an asset to the defense. Brewer was Denver’s long snapper for four years and never had a bad snap. He was the model of consistency, but his price tag apparently became too high for a guy who only sees 33 percent of special teams snaps.

Rumors: True to the form of a long snapper, Aaron Brewer is off the radar at the moment on the free agent market.

Our Take: He’ll sign on somewhere else. Perfection at that position is in high demand.