If you’re a fantasy football player, you’ve likely heard one Denver Broncos player’s name more than the others: Javonte Williams.

And Melvin Gordon must feel a little like Jan Brady when everyone loves Marcia, “Javonte, Javonte, Javonte,” he’s probably thinking.

Or, more likely, Gordon doesn’t mind the shine the young buck is getting.

But he also said he told GM George Paton when re-signing with the Broncos, “I’m not going to lay down, I’m not going to lay down,” Gordon said. “… I’ve always got that mindset that I’ve got to go get it every year.”

Still, when it comes to fantasy football, fantasy GMs are drafting Williams just out side the top-10 and Gordon way down in the mid-30s for players at the position. Are they overestimating how well Williams will do, fantasy-wise, and simultaneously sleeping on Gordon?

It seems that way.

Williams and Gordon splitting reps in practice

Gordon explained back in June he’s not just going to lay down and take a backup role to Williams, even if the two are friends off the field. And as training camp progressed, there was a solid 50/50 split in practices for both brilliant backs.

Not only did our guys Zach Segars and Cody Roark say so, many media members reported that split.

And Gordon explained it, too, in mid-August.

“I think they have a plan on what they want heading in, but as far as the rotation goes, I really don’t know. I think they want ‘Vonte’ (Williams) to be the guy, but we do rotate,” Gordon explained. “He’ll take the first series and then the second series with the [No. 1 offense], I’ll take. Sometimes we switch, but you know kind of how it is. I don’t know how they will do the rotation. I have to go back and look at how they did things in Green Bay with the carries and things like that. I know I have the game; I know I can play and I still have the juice, but we’ll see.”

To wit, the Packers — where new head coach Nathaniel Hackett is from — ran AJ Dillon 187 times and Aaron Jones 171 times for 803 and 799 yards respectively last year. That’s a 52/48 split.

Hackett wasn’t calling the plays in Green Bay, but he was part of that system last year and experienced how a near-even split benefits a team.

“Melvin, when he comes out there, he looks like a big, strong running back, and we’re just excited to feed him the rock and give him the ball a lot,” head coach Nathaniel Hackett said in late August.

And although he wasn’t with the Broncos last year, Hackett’s new team split carries exactly — 203 each — between Gordon and Williams last year. To wit, Gordon out-performed Williams in both rushing yards (918-903) and touchdowns (8-4).

Both backs are skilled pass-catchers, but Williams may be better

As the season went on, many Broncos fans became outraged the team didn’t simply feed Williams.

He was the toughest player to tackle in the NFL last season, with 63 missed tackles forced per Pro Football Focus, and 31 broken tackles. That was enough for PFF to name him the most-elusive back in the league. (Gordon made the list at No. 11, with 45 missed tackles forced).

Although, he’s almost impossible to take down, it should be noted Williams isn’t a one-trick pony.

He was the more impressive pass-catcher in 2021, with 43 receptions for 316 yards and 3 touchdowns, all more than his teammate Gordon (28 rec., 213 yards, 2 TD).

Those are similar numbers, sure, but in PPR leagues, they do push Williams a bit higher than Gordon.

“I just do what I do when I’m called upon,” Williams said about him and Gordon playing alongside one another. “Off the field, me and ‘Mel’ are really good friends. We hang out and do everything. It’s not really a big deal.”

And when he was asked if his goal is to run for 1,000 yards this season, “Pookie” Williams said, “I’m trying to win the Super Bowl. I don’t really have too many [individual goals].”

The young man is putting the team first, which is awesome. It also may be an indicator the team will be utilizing both backs all year long.

Is Williams being over-valued, and Gordon slept on?

Per Fantasy Pros, Williams’ ADP has been as the No. 12 running back in standard leagues and No. 14 in PPR leagues. They project him to top that 1,000-yard rushing mark (1,025), with 7.8 rushing TDs, 46 rec. for 346 yards and 2.7 rec. TDs.

Meanwhile, Gordon is the No. 38 running back in standard leagues and No. 37 in PPR leagues. He’s projected to rush for just 697 yards and 6.2 TDs, with 24 rec. for 181 yards and 1.3 rec. TDs.

Those numbers are all assuming Williams gets his 60/40 split this year, rather than something closer to 50/50, which is what it may end up being in the end, given both backs stay healthy this year.

Go grab Gordon if you can

According to ESPN, Gordon is rostered on only 80.1 percent of teams. That was a bit lower, around 76 percent, a few days ago so it looks like some are catching on.

If you’re in a deep league, or simply need some running back depth, go and grab Gordon if he’s available.

There’s a possibility the Broncos come closer to a 50/50 split, and if they do, expect the veteran to come in around 900 yards and 8 rushing scores. He’s averaged 917 yards and 8.8 rushing scores per year over the last six seasons, and Hackett is going to use all his weapons to the best of their abilities this year.

He’s going to turn 30 this year, but has proven the last two seasons he’s still got what it takes to play at the highest level in the NFL. He’s got a great nose for the end zone and is a solid receiver, too.

While the NFL season kicks off in three days, and then in earnest next Sunday, the Broncos kick off their season one week from today as they play the Seahawks in Seattle on Monday, Sept. 12.