Much has been said about the Broncos bringing a proven veteran quarterback to Denver. If they decide not to bring in a vet and go with one of their young slingers, does that mean they are forgoing their shot at a championship? Andrew Mason of doesn’t think so, or at least that’s what he told Ryan Edwards and Danny Williams on Mile High Sports Radio.

“Why can’t you develop one of those one of those quarterbacks and pursue a championship?” asked Mason. “Teams have won and been successful with young quarterbacks before”

The crux of the argument is where the Broncos should spend their money. One route they could go is to bring in a proven quarterback like Tony Romo or Philip Rivers, but those names would come with a hefty price tag and possibly prevent Denver from addressing their issues along the offensive line and at the tight end position.

“If you bring in a Tony Romo or Philip Rivers you’re losing approximately $20 million in cap room,” he said. “That means you’re not fixing at least one if not multiple areas that need fixing this offseason.”

Mason believes that money could be better spent elsewhere.

“When you look at what this team needs to fix and the things that went wrong, I think you can get better play from the quarterback, no matter which of those two it is if they don’t make a deal, by improving the offensive line,” Mason said. “Maybe improving the tight end spot.”

Though the quarterback play could have been better, there were many other reasons they Broncos missed out on the playoffs.

“I think there were bigger reasons why that this team went 9-7 than just the quarterback, and I think that with the cap room the Broncos have, and with where with this draft is strongest, at tight end for instance, where you can find a receiving tight end who can potentially help you out,” Mason said. “I think you can try to win and pursue a championship with either of these two quarterbacks if they develop this year.”

Listen to the full interview with Andrew Mason, including his thoughts on the farce that is the report that Wade Phillips caused division in the Broncos locker room, in the podcast below.

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