Denver Broncos’ fans may have to wait another year to see the front office improve upon the offensive line, according to Andrew Mason, Senior Writer for Mason joined The Final Verdict with Renaud Notaro and Dan Jacobs to discuss what he thinks the Broncos’ plans are in this year’s draft, and what their plan is for this season.

Many feel the Broncos should draft Denver native Christian McCaffrey in the first round, but Mason thinks he’ll be gone by that point. He also feels some big-time defensive players will drop, and the Broncos might take a chance on one of them.

“They’re sitting at 20. Even if Christian McCaffrey is not there, I think you’re going to see one of these big defensive prospects in the top 20 fall, and fall to where the Broncos aren’t going to be able to resist, because it’ll be a guy they have a top-10 grade on, perhaps,” said Mason.

Despite this, Mason doesn’t necessarily think they won’t draft a left tackle, their most-needed position, at all. He feels they’ll pick up a strong prospect on day two of the draft.

“Then I think they will add a left tackle of the future on day two,” said Mason. “A high upside, athletic guy. I could see Antonio Garcia out of Troy, Julie’n Davenport out of Bucknell, These guys are light on their feet, athletic, but they need a year.”

But the question remains, what will the Broncos do this year at the left tackle position if they don’t acquire someone who can step in immediately? Mason thinks it may be a repeat of the past few seasons.

“For this year, you’re getting by with ‘insert veteran left tackle here.’”

Listen to the full interview with Andrew Mason, including Von Miller‘s plans for the rest of the offseason, in the podcast below.

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