The Denver Broncos-Oakland Raiders rivalry used to be one of the most heated and hate-filled in all of sports. But since 2003, the Raiders haven’t had a winning season, and the Broncos have been one of the most successful organizations in the NFL, making it hard for either side to muster up the same anger and spite that flowed through the fanbases’ veins a few decades back.

Now, though, the Raiders are on the rise. With a budding young quarterback, a superstar wideout and a quickly improving defense, it’s beginning to look as if the black hole is finally coming out the other side.

And apparently one 7-9 season was enough of a confidence booster for the Raiders that they felt comfortable taking a shot at the reigning Super Bowl champs.

On Tuesday, the NFL tweeted out a story on how the Raiders are looking to one day challenge the Broncos as the best defense in the AFC. Oakland took it a step further.

That seemed to tickle the Broncos funny bone.

But the Raiders wouldn’t back down.

Hey, Oakland, why don’t you go ahead and slow your roll, huh? Remember, you were the 22nd ranked defense in yards per game and points per game. You’ve got a long way to go before you can start talking smack to the Denver Broncos.