Despite having 10 wide receivers on the roster leading up to the NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos believe they acquired a player who can make a significant impact for them this upcoming season.

Marvin Mims arrival will impact the offense and special teams

Last season the Denver Broncos found themselves in dire straits after several injuries impacted the wide receiver position. In training camp, they lost Tim Patrick to a torn ACL.

KJ Hamler experienced setbacks with injuries that impacted him throughout 2022. During various points of the season, Denver didn’t have Courtland Sutton or Jerry Jeudy as they dealt with respective injuries of their own.

When those players missed time due to injury, Russell Wilson and the Broncos’ offense had to rely on undrafted rookie free agents Kendall Hinton, Jalen Virgil, and Brandon Johnson.

Mims arrival automatically projects for him to compete for impact minutes this upcoming season inside of new head coach Sean Payton’s offensive scheme.

After drafting Mims, Payton highlighted how the draft process played out in the team’s war room as they neared closer to getting on the clock.

“George [Paton] and I look at each other and there’s a clear vision for the receiver (Marvin Mims),” Payton said. “His traits—he’s got return skills, character makeup and he’s smart. He’s someone that can play at ‘Z’. He can play at ‘X.’ He brings an element of speed you can feel on tape.”

Those traits and elements were things that Denver’s GM and head coach firmly believed would add value to the Broncos’ offense and to the structure and foundation of the team.

Will the addition of Mims impact the standing of any of the current receivers on the team including Jerry Jeudy as the deadline for his fifth-year option approaches? According to Paton, that isn’t the case.

“No, absolutely not,” Paton proclaimed. “I think [WR Marvin] Mims is going to complement what we have. Again, he’s going to compete, but it has nothing to do with any of our receivers.”

With Jeudy, Sutton, and Patrick returning as the top receiving options in 2023 — adding Mims dynamic ability into the equation is intriguing for Denver’s offense.

Considering where he’s at, Mims projects to compete against Kendall Hinton, Montrell Washington, Hamler, Virgil, Marquez Callaway, and others during training camp.

However, Mims’ ability to impact the Denver Broncos special teams side of the ball as a returner automatically increases the perception of the value he aims to bring to the team.

In 2022 at Oklahoma, Mims averaged 16 yards per punt return on 10 return attempts last season. Combine that with his 54 catches, 1083 yards, and six receiving touchdowns — the Broncos’ newest rookie receiver will make it difficult to keep him off the field.

Another thing that stood out in the eyes of Paton and Payton in terms of evaluating Mims was his consistent growth and evolution.

“It was his third year,” Paton said. “I think he just evolved, and I just think he got better. His routes were crisper, and they lost some receivers, maybe. Maybe he was the focal point. I thought he wasn’t as productive two years ago, but we still liked him. He was still selling the speed. The way he tracks the ball in the hands, the toughness in the run game for a guy who’s not that big. His transition after the catch on those screens. We just feel for his size, he’s really tough. We saw both years, but you get better obviously in your third year.”

His 4.3 speed can take the top off of opposing defenses which aligns well with Russell Wilson’s deep ball game. Hamler filled this role for Denver last season, but Mims could also provide that same dynamic.

“I’m really excited,” Mims told local media. “I feel like the deep ball is probably one of the strong points of my game. With his history, his past, the quarterback he is, and him being comfortable throwing the deep ball—that’s a huge thing he does. Just being able to fit that role—whatever my role is when I get there—that will be a huge plus for me and a plus for the team.”

Not only will Mims embrace whatever role the team envisions for him, he’s expressed that he’s comfortable playing inside the slot or on the outside and that he’s been prepared to do both.

“Extremely comfortable,” Mims said. “I played through two different offensive coordinators with [USC Head Coach] Lincoln Riley and [Oklahoma Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach] Jeff Lebby in college. I played 50-50 in both of those offensives. As far as inside and out, I had to learn both in the three years of my career. It’s not easy at all, but something I’m definitely comfortable with and something I’ve done in the past. I’m ready to do if that’s what they ask of me.”

While he still has to take the field and compete for a prominent role on the team in 2023, Marvin Mims has talent that will make him a viable option for the Denver Broncos offense this upcoming season.