The Denver Broncos finally have a plethora of wide receiver depth on their roster. No longer is their depth just ‘break in case of emergency’ type players, but real dynamic talent.

When talking about wideouts on the Broncos roster, the conversation always starts with Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders. They’re one of the longest tenured pair of receivers in the league and they have aspirations to become one of the best receiving duos of all time. But for once, the conversation about receiving depth does not end with them as well.

At the conclusion of the 2018 NFL Draft, the Broncos came away with two more wideouts who not only have the ability to help the Broncos on the field immediately, but also have the potential to become the next great receiving duo in the Mile High City in time. Both Courtland Sutton and DaeSean Hamilton have impressed in their first-ever training camp.

But who fits into the rotation beyond the top-four receivers? Every offense needs at least five receivers and the Broncos are no exception.

Isaiah McKenzie

For a fifth or sixth receiver, having the speed and agility of Isaiah McKenzie could be big for the Broncos.

Mckenzie could roast linebackers or safeties that have to cover him in the slot and he has the explosion to be a big-play wideout when needed. Playing with four or five wide receiver set with McKenzie creates an opportunity for a mismatch to exploit somewhere on the field.

Yes, McKenzie will have to find a way to remedy his fumbling issues, but if he can get that under control, the Broncos may have a fifth or sixth receiver with big-play ability who is just waiting to be unleashed.

River Cracraft

Cracraft has a leg up on the competition to become the fifth or sixth receiver in Denver because this is not his first time as a member of the Broncos.

Back in October of last year, the former Washington State receiver was on the Broncos practice squad, but was cut after he tore his hamstring. Then, just a few months later, Cracraft was back on the practice squad with a full offseason of improvement ahead of him and he is now turning heads throughout training camp.

Cracraft, who is now known affectionately as “Cray-Cray”, is becoming a favorite of Broncos starting quarterback Case Keenum and is impressing most everyone who gets a chance to see him play.

“Cray-Cray? He’s playing well. He’s doing really well,” Keenum said. “I like throwing him the ball. He’s a friendly target. He’s learning too. He’s learning the NFL game. I think you like having a guy like that, you can move inside, outside, shifty. He’s got good separation at the top of his routes. And he’s learning too, just like a lot of those young guys. He’s continuing to grow, he’s watching the older guys, [WR] Emmanuel [Sanders], and watching what those guys do and trying to emulate some of that.”

If the Broncos have to dig deep for more wideouts, Cracraft seems to be one of the first players called upon.