If you’ve driven past the backside of Sports Authority Field in the last few months, you may have been hit with a blast from the past.

In Lot J, right where the original Mile High Stadium once stood, now stands, well, Mile High Stadium. A smaller version, but Mile High Stadium, nonetheless.


According to the Denver Broncos, Mile High Monument, as it will be called, will be unveiled this week, starting with media availability on Thursday.

“The 3,000-square foot structure is approximately 1/8 the size of the original Mile High Stadium and will offer fans a look into the history and greatest moments at the venue, which served as the Broncos home stadium from 1960-2000. The monument can accommodate up to 300 people and will include a 15” x 6’2” video scoreboard with replica Bucky statue, dimmable LED stadium lighting and original Mile High Stadium seats.”

Fans have been asking for a return to Mile High Stadium, and while it’s not likely to happen on a grand scale, this smaller version should do just fine.