Yesterday, T.J. Ward joined Dan Le Batard, Bomani Jones and Papi on ESPN’s Highly Questionable, and, well, we learned some highly questionable things about the Denver Broncos defense.

Le Batard told Ward that every Broncos player who has come through their show has said the same thing: The two Denver Broncos that Broncos players are scared of are Aqib Talib and Derek Wolfe.

Now, of course, they’re scared in a good way — hopefully — where Talib and Wolfe’s actions are so unpredictable that they never know what to expect; Ward was able to expand a little further on why some people may look twice at Wolfe, though.

“Wolfe, he says some things that are highly questionable,” Ward said, via The Denver Post. “He doesn’t really say too much. His presence, he’s a dog on the field and he really doesn’t take any mess from anyone.”

When asked to explain some of the “highly questionable” things Wolfe says on the field, Ward gave us exactly that.

“He told someone he was gonna eat their kids,” Ward said. “That was an opposing player. That was, um, Tom Brady. I think he told Tom Brady that.”

Well, yes, telling Tom Brady you’re going to eat his children is a little questionable, but if it helps get the Denver the win, Broncos Country will take it! It’s that type of intensity that earned Wolfe a big-time contract last season.