Dexter Fowler made his major-league debut in 2008, spending the first six years of his career with the Colorado Rockies. This Memorial Day weekend, Fowler returned to Coors Field a World Series Champion. Now a St. Louis Cardinal, Fowler returned to Coors Field not only as a champion, but a champion who made history.

“It was great, it was definitely a blessing,” Fowler said of his time in Colorado. “It all started here [in Denver].”

Fowler was known throughout his time in a Rockies uniform for his speed, grace and athleticism, but just as much for his winning smile and outgoing personality. Now with his fourth major league team, he’s still the same Dexter fans came to love during his time in Denver.

“This guy loves life and he just lets it shine,” Cardinals manager Mike Matheny said of Fowler. “He’s the kind of person that I think creates a good atmosphere no matter what his circumstances are, and there’s not many people like that.”

Last year with the Chicago Cubs, Fowler made history, not just by helping Chicago end its 108-year world championship drought, but also by becoming the first African-American player to take the plate for the Cubs in any World Series. The last time they contended for the title was 1945, two years before the late, great Jackie Robinson first integrated the game.

For the St. Louis Cardinals center fielder, it’s always great to come back and see his original baseball family.

“The past few years I’ve come back, it’s been fun,” Fowler said. “I expect the same, CarGo and them are still here, so I see some familiar faces.”

Since being traded to Houston by the Rockies in 2014 for Brandon Barnes and Jordan Lyles, Fowler said he’s mostly focused on his own game, only paying attention to his original team when he met up with them again on the field.

“Looking back and how [the Rockies] have changed, there’s been a lot of turnover,” Fowler said. “I don’t even remember how it’s changed over the years; I’ve just been trying to keep up with myself. It started out well, and I definitely enjoyed my time here, just learning to be in a big league and have success in a big league.”

So far this season, his first in a Cardinals uniform, Fowler’s been struggling at the plate with a .216 batting average. That has nothing to do with his ball-contact skills, though.

“You know what’s funny? I’ve taken some good at-bats, I’ve hit the ball hard, I’ve just been getting out,” Fowler said. “It’s been like that for two weeks now. You got to roll with it and go at it like that.”

To Cardinals manager Matheny, none of that matters. He’s just happy to have a guy like Fowler light up his clubhouse.

“I think he’s been impressive, given the fact that you can’t tell that he’s batting .212 or whatever,” Matheny said. “He shows up as the same guy as the first day of Spring Training, just loving life, loving the game, and treating his teammates with a lot of respect.”