The Colorado Rockies found a diamond in the rough when the struck a deal with the Chicago Cubs to bring DJ LeMahieu to the Mile High City.

Since joining the team in the 2012 season, LeMahieu has been one of the team’s most consistent and productive players.

In his years with the Rockies, LeMahieu owns a .288 batting average to pair with his .336 OBP, making him one of the most lethal hitters in the Rockies’ lineup.

Not to mention, his defensive production is just as good with his offensive fire power. His range, mixed with ability to make run-saving plays, has really solidified him as one of the better second basemen in the game.

He was a Gold Glove award winner in 2014 and has ranked inside the top three among second basemen in range factor in each of the past four seasons. In addition, he ranks second among all active second basemen in fielding percentage.

This year is no different, as LeMahieu currently leads the team in batting average and OBP, also ranking in the top 25 between both categories in the league.

LeMahieu made his first All-Star game appearance last year, and statistically he should be on track to make his second this year. Unfortunately, he does not currently rank amongst the top-five vote getters for second basemen in the National League.

That’s bogus.

LeMahieu’s batting average of .311 ranks fourth in the National league and his .379 OBP ranks third. Add in his Gold Glove-caliber defense and there’s no questioning that he should at least be in the conversation for an All Star bid, if not leading it.

LeMahieu is one of the most versatile players the game has to offer and the Rockies use that to their advantage. He has hit in nearly every slot in the lineup and bounced around the infield playing both second base and shortstop in his career.

His ability to do virtually everything the game has to offer makes him a special player that does not come around very often.

If you haven’t yet voted for LeMahieu, make sure you do so today.