The Denver Broncos continue to have coaching staff issues not only on the field, but off it as well.

In a recent article on The Undefeated, former Denver Bronco Domonique Foxworth writes about comments made by former Bronco Demaryius Thomas from head coach Vance Joseph. A moment recounted by Thomas where apparently Joseph told Thomas to not believe the already swirling trade rumors. Joseph told him unprompted, “don’t listen to the trade talks, it’s not true.”

Joseph later in a press conference with the media responded to Thomas’s comments, saying that he has “great respect for D.T,” but also that he was”disappointed to read those things about how he recalls the conversations going.”

Foxworth, as a former player talks about breaking the trust between player and coach and how it sat with him. Thomas of course was later traded and his Houston Texans went on to beat the Broncos right before Denver hit a bye.

Discussing Foxworth’s article and response to the latest news around the Broncos is Broncos Blitz podcast host Ronnie Kohrt and asking the question, do the Broncos players still trust Joseph? Even after another loss returning from the bye week?

Kohrt responds to Foxworth’s article and talks about the ongoing issues that surround Joseph off the field. If Foxworth feels this way, how are players feeling about their head coach after the return from a bye week?

Kohrt also discusses the latest news from the weekend regarding Denver and a potential candidate to replace Joseph if Denver looks at making a change.

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