Does Trevor Siemian have any chance of winning the starting job?

After Denver drafted Paxton Lynch, conversation quickly shifted towards the impending quarterback battle: veteran Mark Sanchez vs. rookie Paxton Lynch.

But everyone seems to be forgetting about one person: Trevor Siemian.

Siemian may not be a first-round quarterback, and Siemian may only have one snap in his NFL career (a kneel down), but Siemian is no slouch, and he’s ready to compete.

Unfortunately, as Nicki Jhablava of the Denver Post detailed to Mile High Sports Radio’s Gil Whiteley on Wednesday, he’s fighting an uphill battle.

“I don’t know what else the kid could do,” Jhablava told Whiteley, “Yes, he’s in a tough spot. But that’s kind of expected when they selected him in the seventh round. He and everybody else knows the circumstances. He’s probably got two guys ahead of him right now.”

Sure, the odds of Siemian beating out a seven-year veteran and the incoming first-round selection aren’t great, but he’s not planning on making the decision easy.

GIL WHITELEY LIVE STREAM“He works hard,” Jhablava said, “If you ever arrived at a stadium early, and you see him go through his progressions and his workouts with quarterback coach Greg Knapp. It’s impressive. That kid’s got a rocket arm and he works hard.”

And he should. No matter how much Elway gave away to move up and grab Lynch, and no matter how many more starts Sanchez has in his career, it’s not as if Siemian is sitting behind a Hall of Fame quarterback anymore; if he proves himself, he’ll be given the opportunity.

The Broncos have given no indication that the quarterback competition will be anything but open. And if Siemian proves to be the best option — he’s the only quarterback with experience in the offense — he’ll get the nod.

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