Donald Trump is in the midst of a very important week. On Monday, Iowa will hold their Republican caucuses, and if Trump can pull out a victory, he’ll be the runaway favorite for the Republican presidential nomination.

And on Sunday, of course, he’ll be setting aside plenty of time for Super Bowl 50.

Remember, Trump isn’t just a businessman, television personality and politician. He has a very personal relationship with the NFL and it’s athletes. For years, Trump has been rumored to be on the lookout for an NFL team to buy, and when he owned the USFL’s New Jersey Generals, Trump made a play to merge the league with the NFL.

Plus, he’s a “good friend” of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. And apparently, he’s pretty close to Peyton Manning, too.

On Sunday’s “Face The Nation,” Trump told host John Dickerson, via the Sporting News, “I very much have always liked Peyton Manning — he’s a very good guy, I know him. So I have to go with the person who I know.

“The other team looks fantastic, they would probably be favored or something. But I’ll stick with Peyton because he’s a very good guy.”

Unfortunately for Trump, that feeling doesn’t seem to be reciprocated, as Manning gave Jeb Bush’s campaign a donation of $2,700, via CBS Denver. Manning may have given more, but that’s the maximum donation any one individual can donate to a campaign — Eli Manning gave a similar donation earlier in the year.

The Denver Broncos’ bandwagon is getting pretty full, though … Wonder if there’s still any room?