As Bradley Chubb trade rumors swirled around Broncos Country, one of the strongest arguments against a trade was the potential negative impact such a trade could have on the locker room. Now, the Denver Broncos are witnessing some of that fallout take place, as Dre’Mont Jones was clearly upset when talking with the media on Wednesday.

“I mean, you lose a player like that, [and] money’s gonna open up,” Dre’Mont Jones said, when asked about how the Bradley Chubb trade affects his contract negotiations. “Money’s gonna open up whenever you lose someone on a contract. It is what it is with that.”

It might not translate to print, but it should be noted just how apathetic Jones sounded during the locker room interview. Not apathetic towards his relationship with Chubb, but apathetic towards the idea of the Denver Broncos paying him, and him sticking around long term.

“I view my standing with the franchise as, this is [Dre’Mont Jones] year four, that’s all I can say,” Jones said, adding the drama, upon being asked how he felt about his future with the franchise.

The biggest headline though was how Jones signed off from the interview, saying “I’m here now,” when asked if he wanted to remain in Denver long-term.

This just adds to what Dre’Mont Jones said via Twitter, immediately following the Chubb trade.

“I understand ‘it’s a business’. We ALL get it,” Jones tweeted when Chubb was traded. “We get asked to buy in and care about the organization we work/play for no matter the outcome of our situations. And this one hurts my heart like no other. Gameday won’t feel the same without my G.”

Now, as concerning as this is — and it’s certainly concerning — it feels very unlikely that Dre’Mont Jones won’t be on the Denver Broncos next season.

Sure, things are dicey right now, but last offseason you had a similarly contentious situation between Deebo Samuel and the 49ers, only for it to be eventually repaired with a new contract and money. On the other hand, A.J. Brown forced his way out of Tennessee, but that’s because they were unwilling to pay him the contract that draft-class-mates Samuel and D.K. Metcalf were receiving.

Generally speaking, if the team is willing to pay, the player will return. Considering that one of the factors in the Bradley Chubb trade was Denver’s desire to pay Dre’Mont Jones, it’s unlikely they let him walk.

And even if the relationship stays icy this offseason, the Broncos can fall back on the franchise tag to ensure Jones doesn’t leave.

Overall, general manager George Paton better back the Brinks truck up for Jones ASAP, but it’s unlikely Jones leaves this offseason no matter what.