The Denver Broncos are in serious need of a quarterback, and there are currently a lot of options floating around. Colin Kaepernick is the big name, but you know Von Miller is pushing for Johnny Manziel. And guys like Ryan Fitzpatrick and Robert Griffin III are definitely in the mix.

But Emmanuel Sanders has an, uh, unconventional ideas in mind.

There’s no question, right? 32 out of 32 teams take Uncle Rico over Brock Osweiler. With that arm, the Broncos would be locks to repeat. Unfortunately, they’re not the only team vying for his talents.

Luckily, there are several other options on the table. But if you ask Sanders, they’re all lacking that little something that would truly push the Broncos over the edge.

There’s another surprise candidate, though, and he really wants the job.

Unfortunately, Sanders understands that Brandon McManus has more important duties to attend to.

Astute observations from Emmanuel Sanders all around. The guy clearly has a job in scouting when his career is over.