The expectation in Denver is that the new offense under offensive coordinator Mike McCoy is going to be much more explosive that what was shown in 2016.

In his media session after training camp on Friday, wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders echoed that belief in talking about his feelings on the new system. In the first two days, the offense has seemed like it has been attacking more. When asked about that, Sanders got excited.

“I love that. We’re not even in attack mode right now. We’re huddling up and calling plays. [Offensive Coordinator] Mike McCoy is competitive. He’s walking up to me, scheming, right now just at practice,” Sanders said. “I can only imagine during the game how he’ll be scheming. We’re not even in attack mode right now. Once we’re able to go no huddle, speed up, and use this altitude to our advantage, that’s when we’ll be in attack mode.”

Sanders was also asked if the new system was leading to an increased competitiveness between the offensive skill players and the vaunted ‘No Fly Zone’ secondary.

“From my perspective, I’m always competitive. I’m always going to compete no matter what system I’m in. As far as this system, I think for [CB] Chris [Harris Jr.], and what he was saying was, this system is a lot more complex, a lot more difficult,” said the wide receiver. “We shift. We move. You have me in the slot, then No. 3, then No. 1, sometimes in the backfield. That right there confuses a defense. That’s the reason he says, they’re not just saying, ‘He’s not just lined up on the left side. He’s not just lined up on the right side. They’re moving him around.’ It makes it more difficult. I guess it brings more competitive out of him.”

The new-look offense has been a major story this offseason, and training camp is only adding to that narrative.