Spending money is fun, especially when you have a whole lot of it to spare.

When someone wins the lotto, earns a big raise or finds $100 hidden under the mattress, while the prudent thing to do would be to save it, invest it towards your future, the natural thing to do is spend it — at least a bit of it.

On Thursday, Emmanuel Sanders, who just earned himself a $33 million contract this offseason, talked with Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro of Afternoon Drive on Mile High Sports Radio about the dumbest post-contract purchase he’s ever seen, and he was quick to throw his teammate under the bus.

“Demaryius Thomas (was given) $70 million and went and got a $50,000 pickup truck,” Sanders said. “I’m like, bro, I signed a $30 million deal and I went and bought me a $350,000 Rolls Royce!”

Now, one could say that DT is being more prudent, more responsible. But Sanders would say he’s being cheap.

“It’s just like somebody winning the lottery,” Sanders said. “‘Hey, you just won a $1 billion, what are you going to buy?’ ‘I’m a buy a Ford 150.’ Really? No, me, I’m gonna go buy two Bugattis, and I’m going to hop on top of them like they’re skates, and I’m just gonna cruise down the road like they’re skates!”

To hear more from Sanders and his dislike of the conventional media, listen to the podcast below …

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