In a ranking of the top 20 markets with three or more professional sports franchises (sorry Seattle), ESPN’s Uni Watch ranked Denver 18th, ahead of only Tampa Bay and Atlanta.

Boston, Pittsburgh and Chicago were the top three “best-dressed cities,” according to the admittedly unscientific rankings.

About Denver, Uni Watch had these comments…

You have to say this much about the Mile High City’s teams: They use some interesting colors, like orange (Broncos), purple (Rockies) and sky blue (Nuggets). Too bad those hues aren’t deployed to more tasteful effect. UNI WATCH SCORE: Rockies: 4.5, Broncos: 3, Nuggets: 5.5, Avalanche: 2.5. UNI: 3.88

The Rapids were left off their assessment, but there’s little doubt they’d have a hard time accessorizing with burgundy, as well.

Sorry, ESPN, but here at Mile High Sports we think you’re just not fashion forward enough to rock our colors. So go ahead and bathe yourselves in red, blue and yellow – we’re just fine with our team colors.

In fact, let us show you how they look on some of Denver’s finest.

Here’s a look back at some pages from the 2012 Snow Angels edition of Mile High Sports Magazine, in which Jordan rocked our local teams’ colors.

Here she is in a classic Nuggets look…

Jordan Nuggets

Check out Jordan in orange and blue…