Since the Broncos dethroned the Patriots last Sunday night, all we’ve been hearing from the Pats and their fans is how badly they were wronged by the officiating. Even Tom Brady went on his weekly radio show in Boston to complain about all the calls that “supposedly” went the Broncos’ way.

“Sometimes we’re getting [the calls] and sometimes we don’t,” Brady said, via WEEI. “We didn’t get any last night. I don’t know why or why not. You think they’re looking at it, and they probably are. Sometimes officials miss it, too. I totally understand that. They’re not — I don’t know. I have no clue.”

But while Brady attempted to keep his complaints relatively civil, the Boston sports fans don’t seem to care how angry they come across. Luckily, the Broncos have some social media firepower of their own.

When a twitter user sent this screen grab to Broncos guard Evan Mathis, he was quick to put the whiny fan in his place.

Bam! Someone had to say it!

Patriots fans have everything — Super Bowls, Brady, Belichick, a 10-0 start to the season — and yet they can’t get over one loss. All I know, controversial calls or not, the Broncos won that game, and that’s all that matters.

If they want to revenge their defeat, they can meet the Broncos in the playoffs.

The only question is who’s burn was better? Mathis’ “salty” meme or Von Miller’s photoshopped shot at Brady?

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